How To Make The Whole Organization Agile


Reading this Forbes article:

The subheads alone describe what many of us experience every day…

  • Why Partial Fixes Don’t Stick
  • Why Don’t The Upper Layers Like Agile?
  • Why SAFe Is Unsafe

Who here has success stories they can share on how they’ve changed organizational culture?


Love this article @andycleff Thank you for sharing it! This topic is near and dear to my heart. My greatest success with an organizational culture shift actually came out of a major product failure- we spent 18 painful months on a feature that no one used and lost good engineers in the process. It became our mantra to not repeat that though and this gave us the push we needed to make sure that we truly understood our customer and their needs before we ever invested in writing code. I really appreciated the line “The manager must in effect fall in love with the customer.” For us the entire business needed to build a lasting relationship with them in order to speak the same language and understand their desires. I can probably take this metaphor waaaay to far :slight_smile:


A related article that in a lot of ways hits the nail on the head.