HUMOR: Out of the mouths of Project Managers


From a PM I work with, after receiving a notification from our vendor (who’s Agile) that they’re changing architecture direction and as a result could result in massive impacts: “Agile is not an excuse to do wonky shit at the last minute.”

Considering that came from a died-in-the-wool PM with little agile experience, I thought that amusing :smile:


Amusing, yet true!


Sr. Management told me last week “ALL agile has given us is happy customers.”


Yeah… because that doesn’t matter at all.


I heard “we used to deliver a lot more when we were doing waterfall”! No mention of if it was valuable or not, and when/what was delivered.


Got one; from today at Agile2017. “You have completely turned around the unit, but I just think you should be doing it in a different way”


“You have to measure what you’re measuring to ensure your metrics are valuable”