ICYMI - Accenture acquires SolutionsIQ




Good luck with that they also acquired Gestalt in 2006 to become “Agile”. So you can see how that went. A larger behemoth will try to change the smaller guy they acquired. They will have to change just to get wired into the larger org, The brains will drain before Accenture figures out they left.


Maybe a little too “American”, but…:


You also may be showing your age as well:)


There is a solutionsIQ consultant helping with “scaling” where I am currently at and I asked his thoughts on the aquisition. His response was “I don’t think Accenture understands what they just bought”.


Accenture is so big they acquire companies left and right as “Tuck In” companies. Low risk buys, if they work, great if they don’t, no big loss. In the end they probably get their customer list and can possibly try not to lose them.
I have friends that I worked with at Accenture where they left because they did not like the culture and then the company they left to got bought by Accenture:)

I will say one thing though if you get bought by them it may be worth sticking around to see what they can do for you. They have one of the best brands in the world, they have good benefits, and their will be opportunity in those take over situations. When my small company got bought I stuck around learned the big company culture, advanced quickly but in the end for me the pipeline of agility died out and I went elsewhere after 3 years or so.