Interest in a Philly XP meetup?


Fellow coalition member @ngoede and I have been kicking around the idea of starting a PhillyXP meetup for quite some time. I know we have quite a few coalition members from the Philadelphia area, so we’d love some feedback to gauge interest. We think it would exist somewhere between AgilePhilly and the Software as a Craft meetup. Focusing on XP development practices, technical excellence, but also some more general agile principles and practices. Our initial thought is to host it primarily in the Western Suburbs (due to sponsorship) but maybe have some meetups in the city to attract a wider audience. We’d love to share some of the fantastic experiences we’ve had on XP teams and provide another opportunity in our community for folks to get comfortable speaking about topics they are passionate about. Any feedback is appreciated!


I will attend 100% if it’s in the city. Suburbs it will just depend on schedule.


I am down for that! As long as it is not on Tuesdays. Worst case we can just sit around and pair on my mobile app that interfaces Arduinos. :slight_smile: Trying to get back to my tech roots.


I am 100% into this idea. I’d say the first experiment is getting a meetup space going to see if there is solid interest. I will promote the shit out of it if it happens.



Downtown Philly. Will bring arduino.


Yes, this would be a great idea. Would definitely attend if in Western Suburbs. It would be great to hear about XP experiences.


I’m working on getting sponsorship for the location and food. Right now it’s looking like the western suburbs based on the potential sponsor (my current employer). They have ample space to host a meetup and the location is walking distance from the Radnor train station to hopefully get some attendance from the city. I definitely think it’s a good idea to host some meetups in the city as well to be as inclusive as possible.

Once I have confirmation about the location I’ll send out some topics to see if we can start to get a backlog of speakers. We were thinking it would be good to have a few lined up in the beginning.