Kanban in Scaled Agile?


Hello, All!

Looking for some help regarding Kanban in Scaled Agile (SAFe). Does anyone have experience with working in a Scaled Agile framework with Kanban? From an Agile Practice perspective, my fellow Scrum Masters and I are struggling with what this actually means?
Kanban being a push pull model seems to be a contradiction with SAFe/PI Planning as multiple Sprints are being planned for a PI.

Also, in your experience, why are your teams are using Kanban in SAFe instead of scrum?

Any other insight you could provide would be greatly appreciated!



@mindyl24 - https://www.scaledagileframework.com/team-kanban/

Team level kanban is compatible with SAFe



I agree with @andycleff’s response. It’s reasonable, though brief.

But if you’d please elaborate a bit further, I’m interested to know the root of your question. Are you trying to understand how the authors of SAFe have tried to implement Kanban? Or are you trying to blend these practices in some way - perhaps your teammates are discussing it? Or are you trying to sort out why SAFe requires the up-front planning habit?