Lawrence Kohlberg, Moral Development =spiral dynamics?


@troy @William came across this guy’s teachings in a fiction book and it seems to mirror some of the teachings in spiral dynamics… Thought you may find it interesting.


Here’s the passage from the book. Carrion Comfort, Dan Simmons, Highly recommended!


Hi Jason,

Thank you for sharing this info. Yes, I agree that there are great similarities between the models. I do not know Lawrence Kohlberg’s work and will have to read up on it some more. I do think the similarities stem from the roots of each model. Kohlberg’s model is about morals and the Spiral Dynamic model is about value systems (or value memes, as Claire Graves called them). Morals and value systems are close to each other when we look at them from a culture perspective. Imagine if these models did not turnout to be similar!