Looking for Wizards of the Coast Development Team contact


This is going to be one of my weirder requests. I would love to talk to a Wizards of the Coast game developer to explore the synchronicity between Game Development and Agile on the Agile Uprising podcast.

I’m an undercover table-topper and a long time listener of Mark Rosewater’s podcast and reader of his blogs. The iterative processes he describes, the development and Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous requirements of the new series sound incredibly like the challenges that we face in our organizations every day.

Wizards of the Coast also do this at scale with amazing levels of marketing and interaction with their customer base.

I want to have a chat with someone that can talk to how game development flows over to development in general.

If you know somebody who is at WotC or worked at WotC, please share this with them or your network.


Great idea… jealous that it’s you and not me!


Still have to find someone, some work to go yet :smiley: