Modern Agile podcast series finale - call for questions


We’re nearing the end of production for our 5-part podcast series on Modern Agile. The hosts for the finale will feature none other than the founder of Modern Agile, Joshua Kerievsky. Do you have any questions about Modern Agile or any of our previous podcasts on the topic that you would like for us to ask?


How would you transition a team from having a Product owner centric model to something that puts feature discovery and ownership back at a team level?

Where would you start the move to modern agile?


How do you deal with an inheritantly unsafe situations? IE startup with funding issues, behaviourally destructive team member or manager, or something like a negative, sexist or anythingist environment that hasn’t been stopped (not my situation, but the question has been tugging at my mind). How can anything agile function when the building blocks that make it work are missing?

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