Open Leadership Symposium - Boston area


The Open Leadership Symposium will be in early May in the Boston suburb of Burlington MA.

A 2-day open space geared towards Business Agility with presenters like Heidi Ayara; Daniel Mezick; and Mike Burrows. Mike will also be doing a 2-day workshop on his Agendashift model (a change-agency program) though space is limited for that.


We just interviewed Dan last night for an upcoming episode, and he spoke about this. I think this may be where capital-A “agile” is headed…


Awesome! Dan’s speaking tomorrow night at the Kendall Square Agilists meet-up I co-host. (We’re at capacity for this session, but if you’re local to the Cambridge MA area feel free to join the group.)

Mike Burrows is pretty awesome too - if you’re looking for another podcast guest…


Burrows’ book is near the top of my queue; I try not to schedule anyone before I’ve read their work as it makes for a better conversation IMO. He’s definitely on my short-list.


hey @thostaylor I put in to have my company cover my attendance at this, i’ll let you know if it gets approved. Planning on staying M-F and getting some of the ancillary workshops in.