Our first Ask Agile Uprising Experiment... Podcasting


We’ve put out there an offer…

And here are our first takers…


I’d be happy to participate in or co-produce a podcast series:

Two themes come immediately to mind:

  • Audit, Compliance, and Governance for Agile Enterprises.
  • The Messy Business of Agile at Scale

I don’t currently have the right tools (software, microphone, and lighting) or a guest roster.

Lastly, the real constraint is aesthetic – I’m unable to produce video bumpers, and my editing time is extremely limited.


Well, the good news is:

  • AU has the right tools.
  • AU has the post-production time/capacity.

So, @David that leaves the opportunity to crowdsource:

  • Roughing out a theme
  • Developing a guest roster

Who’s in?


I’m in. !

For the audit/governance theme, Rod Sigurdson and I have already been batting around ideas and I could round up a few relevant guests. I’ve just written to him to check his availability.


This sounds VERY interesting to me… The various mechanics of podcasting is, I admit, intimidating. Any thoughts on next steps and timeframes?


The mechanics need not be a mystery…

  1. Prepare
  2. Schedule / Record
  3. Post-production edits and release

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

We’ve found it useful to work off of a template that provides prep notes, a rough agenda, some boilerplate wording, etc.

Here is a google doc we can collaborate on for the Audit/Governance topic:

@David and @Rod_Sigurdson - start at the Show Notes / Outline / Agenda section. And do a brain dump. A shitty first draft.

If you’d like to see an example of show notes work in progress, see:


@Rod_Sigurdson, how about you and I get together on screen for 30 minutes some time in the next 1 week to scratch out some show notes?

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