Path to Agility


Got a couple of Agile Velocity virtual workshops coming up that AU folks might find valuable:

Either class will help you understand how to use our Path to Agility (P2A) transformation framework to get real and measurable business results.

Our coaches used this at Southwest for the last year and a half and got great results, including being better able to adapt to Covid.

Ping me if you wanna know more.


1-hr webinar coming up that provides an overview of the Path to Agility framework:

Path to Agility is designed for change agents and leaders who need to improve transformation consistency, quality, and results. For example:

  • Scrum Masters who are serving teams adopting agility
  • Coaches and consultants supporting Agile transformations
  • Leaders and executives who are guiding their organizations through transformation
  • Companies who demand predictable and measurable business outcomes