Philly based Senior Agile Coach or Director


Are you an Agile Ninja or Sensei? Can you drive change without leaving bodies in your wake? Are you willing to learn something new and add it to your skill set? Do you practice Shu Ha Ri as much as you teach it?

If you have crossed the chasm before and can you lead teams to a higher summit, please read on.

As a fast-paced growing Healthcare solutions company, we want an Agile Coaching Ninja to join our team so that we can continue our successful Lean-Agile journey. The Lean Agile Coach will provide expertise and mentoring across many of NextGen’s Product/Project teams as they transition from the current waterfall/hybrid development methodologies to the new R&D wide Lean/Agile framework. He/she will work closely with many teams, including requirements engineers, software engineers, QA/test personnel, project/program managers and product managers/owners, to provide the guidance necessary for a successful transition to these new methods & standards.

You will need to have broad agile experience and deep Scrum experience as well as competencies in Lean/Kanban methods. We build commercial software in the healthcare industry. Experience in both would be great, but the former would be the MMF.

Most importantly, are you a team player? Not just because teamwork is one of our core values and Scrum by nature is a team endeavor, but because you will part of a team. You will work with and help guide our coaches in Irvine and Bangalore. Please email for further information.


Welcome @mkanig1 - Get to have you here!