Phoenix: The Full Story of Canada’s Pay System Catastrophe


Hi all,

I’ve recently published a book about Canada’s largest I.T. catastrophe. I’d love to share the book (for free) with podcasters, journalists, or business professors. I’d happily accept every invitation for online discussion/interview.

Please share with your networks and help me cast a wide net. Help put a stop to:

  • “do all the things at once” projects
  • massive system “replacement” projects
  • procurement patterns that reinforces waterfall gates

The Canadian Government has spent an estimated $4.2 billion (so far) on the implementation of a payroll system called “Phoenix”. With billions more to go and many years of litigation, the system has failed to successfully calculate paycheques for more than half of Canada’s federal employees.

Some of those employees have lost their life savings, their home, their marriage, their dignity. It’s a catastrophe with no end in sight.

Please help me spread the word. All the details are here ( — including a form for podcasters, journalists, and business professors.