Podcast: Deliberately Developmental Organizations with Andy Flemming


May 6, 2018
Deliberately Developmental OrganizationsJoin Andy Flemming and Andy Cleff as they discuss An Everyone Culture: Deliberately Developmental Organizations.

DDO’s create an unusual kind of environment, one that tolerates — even prefers — making one’s failures, risks, and weaknesses public so that colleagues can support each other in the process of overcoming them.

There’s a wonderful congruence with Modern Agile principles:

  • Make People Awesome
  • Make Safety a Prerequisite
  • Experiment & Learn Rapidly
  • Deliver Value Continuously

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Loved this podcast. Can always count on you guys to keep me entertained and engaged on my commute. I am just taking on a team in a “wagile” environment and am already seeing better results from empowering people to deliver the results they need to deliver in their unique ways as opposed to forcing “my way” on them. Its a beautiful thing to witness, especially as each of us comes from a different cultural background. I have introduced awareness to cultural dimensions to them which they all really enjoyed and they now feel more equipped to deal with people who are not necessarily like-minded.