PODCAST GUESTS WANTED! - The Future of Agile?


I’m looking to put together a roundtable discussion around the future of capital - A agile…where are we going? is the future more certs and frameworks? are we in a bubble that will burst? with the enterprise leap into agility, what speed bumps are coming? Please reply to this thread if you’re interested, and I’ll work on coordinating a date/time for recording. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts!


I’m interested. I (probably) have a contrarian view. :slight_smile:


I volunteer as tribute!

… but seriously, I’d be interested in what that discussion goes. Beware: I’m the Polyanna type.


I’d enjoy the discussion and would be happy to participate.


I’d be up for that!


Thanks all for your responses! I’ll put together a first draft of an agenda and then throw out some dates. I’m looking forward to the conversation, so be on the lookout!




@johannarothman @David @agileGeorge @BoggsyGirl03 there’s a msg in your coalition inbox RE: dates. Please review and let me know what works!


My time zone is about five hours ahead of yours.