Podcast Listener Questions (Ask them here!)


how does one get to the next level.?

JFDI. Take the step outside your comfort zone. Whatever that means to you.

  • Apply to speak at a conference
  • Present ideas to groups “outside of your current circle”
  • Blog
  • Join a podcast panel discussion

@troy is deep into this journey and perhaps can share some of his personal experiences.


Thanks for the insight Andy. I came to similar conclusions as well. Forming the opinion will help with writing blogs. Doing a presentation isn’t necessarily the concern but, rather, the content is. Can’t make a presentation on Dilbert’s without a message. :slight_smile: (but once the opinion is formed, it might be different). The podcast panel discussion doesn’t bother me but I would spend too much time listening/learning… lol… I have to catch up from recent conference and then will be working on some of the ideas I have regarding journey’s and time travel… :slight_smile:


My approach has grown to this (it likely isn’t perfect but works for me currently):

  • uncover something i care about and think others may also dig
  • validate point above. Write a blog or start some conversations on the topic to see if my hypothesis is correct
  • account for the learnings
  • write an abstract to codify the approach
  • write the final summary of the talk or whatever to basically TDD my content. Anything i write after this should satisfy that final summary - else in gold plating.

I’d also say, still attend the talks you think you understand. New perspectives grow empathy. Also, challenge your biases by going to talks that conflict with your ethos, you may learn something if you reserve judgement.

If all else fails, start another Agile Uprising, because the core of you question is what got this whole thing started after all :+1::grin:


thanks for the insight Ryan. Going to start doing that soon. I still might have issues with content but this will help focus thoughts on it.

I also like the idea of listening on topics I already know about for potentially new info/different views.

What compete with Agile Uprising. Nope that can never be done.


How can agile re-define the role of marketing on traditional b2c/ fmcg organisations?


There are a few folks applying agile thinking to the marketing sphere. Don’t know that they slice it down to specific arenas such as b2c b2b.


As well as: