Podcast Listener Questions (Ask them here!)


If you have a question and would like it answered or talked about on the Agile Uprising podcast please posts in this thread. At the beginning of each episode we will choose a question from this thread and discuss it before going into the main topic.


Are you having any podcasts on Agile Marketing type concepts? I can see if I can get you a guest…


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What are the most common challenges with agile? :slight_smile:


Great one @alisonwood!!


Hi Alison, we just discussed this question on last nights podcast. will let you know when it will be released!


Cool! Thanks :slight_smile:


The one question that I feel I ask a little more than I should is "How do I sell Agile?”.

Selling/Sales agile can come in different forms, at work to your boss or your boss’s boss or exec’s in your organization or a new team or even at home with my wife :slight_smile:

I was blessed to have worked with a group of folks who knew what agile meant from a culture stand point and not essentially a process stand point. They thought me what feeling agile means but now I work with a group of people who are great but don’t want to change the status quo so feel like I am constantly selling agile.

Would love to hear you guys talk about this idea of Agile Sales and how anyone who has felt “Agile” can be better Agile Sales Manager

Apologize if this has been podcasted already, I am a little behind on my list.

BTW great listen so far, good job guys.

FYI…I am a product guy (don’t know how that’s important but nevertheless)


Do we have to be logged in to listen to the Podcasts? I would love to share the Women in Agile to a few people and post it on my facebook page. I tried accessing it without being logged into the Coalition site and it did not work? Thanks Greg


Nope. Podcast episodes are wide open on the Libsyn platform, iTunes and Stitcher.


I’ve just finished listening to the podcast re User stories vs BRD. Which certainly provoked thought :slight_smile:
There was mention in there of acceptance criteria and that being a future topic. Yes, I’d love to see a podcast on acceptance criteria. We’ve had contention about who is responsible for defining acceptance criteria for example and I’d like to hear some discussion on that, as well as overall the purpose, ups and downs of acceptance criteria.


Thanks @dwaraka20 for the comment! We have designs on looping back on this topic as we merely scratched the surface. I’ll let you know when it’s coming around again!


@ryan I have a shit ton of thoughts on this one. :slight_smile:


Are you sometimes stressed by Agile?


What are the key things and executive needs to do to help her organization become more agile?


Scrum is applicable to far more than software development. Jeff Sutherland said it so it must be true. Can we hear from people doing it in diverse industries, how it works, what is different etc? I mean, there’s Toyota :slight_smile: but Jeff talked about small businesses, and we’ve heard of school teachers. Other businesses? Industries?


We are planning a podcast on Agile Marketing for Spring 2018

have you got any specific questions? Or would you like to participate on the show, @agileminder ?


Next Steps. For you experienced practitioners out there. When you realize you are no longer a junior agilists but rather a intermediate Agilists but not sure what to do with the next steps. Examples. you look at a conference topics/presentations and you realize you understand/comprehend 75 % of what they are saying. You can answer the questions the audience asks. The only thing missing. You could present but you don’t know exactly what. for example, I have lots of stories but no evidence as to solutions to address and their results. (not hired as a coach/ScrumMaster; and correctly so, as I don’t have “title” experience…) I also believe that some of the presentations were weak (but do realize and acknowledge that it takes time/courage to present so I don’t discredit their ability to make the presentation) – but the most important part is that they have experience of applying some of the options. So, long background story but how does one get to the next level.? (p.s. Hopefully, I posted this in the right location)