Podcast: Mob Programming: Lessons Learned at Clearlink.com


Join host Andy Cleff as he chats with Nate Wixom and Torrey Powell who have been leading mob programming at Clearlink.com since January 2017.

Their experience, the good, the bad, and the ugly is the focus of our show.

You can reach Nate at nate.wixom@clearlink.com and Torrey at torrey.powell@clearlink.com.

Show Links

TDD and Mob Programming for Non Programmers (1:40)
Nobody gets credit for fixing problems that never happened.
Mob Programming Book - A Whole Team Approach
Mob Programming Web Site
A Day in the Life of a Mob: Time lapse video
Stopping the Enterprise Death Spiral (Mob Programming Pt. 2)
Mob Programming with Woody Zuill
Work Together Anywhere with Lisette Sutherland

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