Podcast Released: Agile Certifications/Future of Agile (Audio corrected)


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In this spirited episode, our five panelists (Jay Hrcsko, Troy Lightfoot, James Gifford, Andrew Leff, and Ryan Lockard) discuss the current position of agile certifications and where they see Agile heading. At times lively, the discussion covers certifications from Scrum Alliance, Scrum.org, SAFe, PMI and others. With varying views on the relevance of certification, some healthy debate arises.

In this episode, you will hear several members speak to the training skills of Dave Prior, you can find his upcoming trainings here. We also discuss Alistair Cockburn’s Agile Master Class, which has some international sessions currently open for registration here. And you hear James make several mentions to a W.L. Gore article, which you can read here.

What is next for agile?

This was a fun one to record. You could tell the panel had some differing (and strong) opinions, which made for an interesting conversation.


First 15 minutes there is some horrible audio problem :frowning:


No it’s all throughout the podcast Troy. I can’t tell for sure but someone keeps shuffling around the mic. Also if you’re going to google something you should mute your mic LOL.


My favorite quote from the podcast is from Jay:

“I may be getting high on the sound of my own voice…”

@JayHorsecow I usually stick to coke, so I might be doing it wrong. :wink:


I usually mute myself when not talking but I’m not sure what happened this podcast because it’s really apparent


It was @ryan doing the pod cast from an uber !


It wasnt me, if you listen it still happens when I talk. We need to install better standards across the board for podcasts. But yes, I was in an Uber so I am guilty too.


Why ya gotta throw shade to a man on vacation James?!?!? :slight_smile:


The audio issue has been corrected and the new file is now published. Sorry for the first version.


Really enjoyed this one and thought there was some great points raised by everyone.


Content was great. It was great to hear the “my opinion” vs “how it really is”.
I have actually taken it upon myself to help recruiters and others within my area to educate them on “fake practioners” and how to avoid the person who has only book/certification knowledge Even obtaining a Java certification doesn’t mean you understand scalable, flexible, minimalist coding concepts.


Thanks johnathan glad you enjoyed it!