Podcast Released: CIOs Don't Think We Are Doing Agile Right


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This episode of the Agile Uprising Podcast found its start in a blog post Chris Murman posted on his (must subscribe) blog. The post synthesizes the recent white paper from 6point6 that essentially says we aren’t “doing” agile right. 6point6 commissioned a survey of 300 CIOs in the UK and the US to examine their experiences of Agile and measure how successfully the principles of Agile are being applied and executed. One of the key findings was:

“British business is set to waste an estimated £37 billion on failed Agile IT projects over the course of the next 12 months”.

Our hosts, Jay Hrscko, Chris Murman, Andrew Leff and Ryan Lockard talk through various parts of the white paper and the subsequent blog post from Chris. We talk about the impact of agile-as-a-business, the reality of distributed teams, team commitment, the criticality of modern DevOps and the show closes with a passionate conversation about non-functional requirements (NFRs).

Through the show, you will hear mentions of Chris’ Texas-ness, Ryan’s love of sour beer and Jay’s metal album of the year.


I would just like to mention that I sound just fine. There’s something wrong with the rest of their ears and not used to hearing the way pepole should talk.


I listened to this podcast and even repeated certain sections. Great points and discussion.

The podcast touched on most major things that jumped out to me. Wanted to just throw this out there as well…page 20:
Finally, CIOs told us that
nearly half of all Agile
projects (46%) are not
focussed on any kind of
strategic vision.

So essentially, 46% of projects (agile or not) would essentially be set up for failure to deliver strategic value. Kind of shocking from a CIO report considering it isn’t speculation, but reported facts from the CIOs themselves. Almost half of the content being delivered might not align with leadership vision? Scary.