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On this episode, Ryan Lockard welcomes Brett Schuchert, Senior Consultant with Industrial Logic. Brett has 25+ years of teaching and consulting experience. He has worked with numerous Fortune 500 firms across a number of industries and countries to train, mentor, and coach developers and non-developers in Agile/Lean methodologies. Brett has led several Agile in the Large Transitions (> 100 people) and Agile/XP Immersions for both online and traditional businesses spanning industries from oil/gas to insurance to rental car providers. His Agile coaching style is immersive and delivers tangible results in areas from automated tests and architectural assessment to the honing of technical skills such as Test Driven Development.

In this episode, we dive into the topic of DevOps for legacy systems. The show begins with our host butchering another guests name, then Brett providing his description of what Legacy Systems are, and what DevOps is. The show continues to dive into the cultural and mindset shifts required to implement DevOps. We talk about the three critical elements to improving delivery flow:

  1. Handoffs
  2. Queues
  3. Work in progress

Brett gives a number of examples from his past where focusing on these three items significantly improves delivery. We also dive into the impact distributed team have on impacting delivery flow. As the talk comes to an end, we reflect on the absence of tools in our conversation, and how tools are secondary to mindset shifting.

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* @schuchert

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