Podcast Released: Learning and Habits with Llewellyn Falco


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Join a conversation with Llewellyn Falco and our host Ryan Lockard about Learning and Habits. Llewellyn is an independent agile coach. He discovered strong-style pair programming which evolved into Mob Programming. He is creator of the open source testing tool ApprovalTests (approvaltests.com). He spends most of his time programming in Java and C# specializing in improving legacy code.He is also co-founder of TeachingKidsProgramming.org.

This show found its beginning in April 2017 at the Agile Alliance Technical Conference in Boston, MA. Llewellyn, Ryan and Arlo Belshee discussed the merits and neuroscience of human learning. Llewellyn is an avid student of learning and a great voice on these topics.

The conversation really shifts into the core topic when Ryan mentions the great book ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg. (If you have not read this book, you should consider picking it up). From here Llewellyn shares some personal lifehacks he has been experimenting with. The conversation then goes into how habits and learning can be effectively invoked in engineering, agile teams, or in human behavior in general.

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Really enjoyed Llewellyn and the section on learning vs productivity. Very enlightening.