Podcast Released: Modern Agile Series - Make People Awesome


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In this week’s episode of the Agile Uprising Podcast, our hosts Paul Elia, Jay Hrcsko and Ryan Lockard begin a mini-series exploring the principles of Modern Agile. In this episode, the hosts explore “Make People Awesome”. Our hosts discuss the principle, what it means to them and then individually explore examples from their careers where making people awesome was demonstrated.

As the episode comes to a close, each of the hosts has some exercises for the listeners to try at work to promote making others awesome in their lives. We encourage the listeners to try these experiments and report back their results either via twitter, the coalition or email.

Links from the episode:


I’m so glad you are doing this series. I am a big fan of the principles of Modern Agile. For me, the principle that underlies all the others is “Make safety a prerequisite”. I think it builds the foundation that makes everything else possible.

There was so much good to take away from this week. I will definitely follow the 5 days of calling out the awesome in someone else. I love it and it lies very close to my heart. Often I seek to grow so I can provide space for others to do the same. I really want to make ever member of my team better tomorrow than they are today. I love the challenge in trying to do this.