Podcast Released: Undercover Agile!


What happens when your organization is not ready for agile but you know this methodology will help? What types of behaviors or activities could you introduce to start your enterprise along the path to agility, without explicitly saying so? Join our hosts Andrew Leff, James Gifford, Troy Lightfoot, and Jay Hrcsko as they discuss answers to these questions and many more as part of “undercover agile!”


Funny. I didn’t realize we had recently done a podcast on this topic. I had a similar thing on my mind this weekend as I wrote this blog post. Let’s hope my link back to the podcast in my post helps generate some traffic, thoughts, and comments.


Just read that post while browsing your blog from the “two principles for scaling agile” post. Turns out I already had it bookmarked. Now took the time to highlight it and send it to my Buffer queue. Having trained as a merchant marine officer, I appreciate the difference between map and territory only too well :smiley: And as someone who is often telling people how to talk about trust without mentioning the word… well, let’s just say that I highly appreciate the examples you gave. They’ve given me some language to start countering the “efficiency myopic” nature of the organization I am in.