Podcast: Who would you like us to get on the show?


Who would you like to hear us chat with on the Agile Uprising Podcast?

While we have a pretty full backlog thru early June… we are thinking ahead…

Speakers? Authors? Up and comers? Folks you’d like to hear more from?

Share here, and we’ll see if we can get them on the show…


Mike Burrows - Agendashift
Jez Humble, Gene Kim &/or Nicole Forsgren - DevOps exemplars
Joshua Kerievsky - Modern Agile


We do have a 'cast already w Kerievsky.

As well as some topic specific casts:

What other ideas / topics for MA?


How about Amy Edmonson of Psychological Safety fame as referenced by Google’s work (Make Safety a Prequisite, in MA).

For those who may not know of this awesome work, check it out here.


John Cutler?


Dan Pink


Nassim Taleb


Meek Mill


John Petrucci


lol. If we get Petrucci I nominate Martin Hagstrom and Fredrik Thorendal.


I nominate Ester Darby, Sharon Bowman, Patrick Lencioni, Mike Cohn, Steve Denning, Daniel Pink, and Craig Larman.


Tomo - is that one single panel show :wink:


Oh no. I am thinking 1 person per episode.


And I’d like to add Geoff Watts and Simon Sinek.


I want to take the LeSS course before we invite Larman (so I know what i’m talking about) but he’s definitely on the list!


Ok, boys and girls, nice crowd sourcing.

Here’s a summary listing of our funnel:

  1. Mike Burrows - Agendashift
  2. Jez Humble, Gene Kim &/or Nicole Forsgren - DevOps exemplars
  3. Joshua Kerievsky - Modern Agile
  4. Amy Edmonson of Psychological Safety fame
  5. John Cutler
  6. Dan Pink
  7. Nassim Taleb
  8. Meek Mill
  9. John Petrucci
  10. Martin Hagstrom and Fredrik Thorendal
  11. Ester Darby
  12. Sharon Bowman
  13. Patrick Lencioni
  14. Mike Cohn
  15. Steve Denning
  16. Craig Larman
  17. Geoff Watts
  18. Simon Sinek

Getting 50% of these on the show should keep us busy and entertained for a good part of 2018!


  • What are some specific topic/agenda ideas for each of these guests?
  • Any coalition members interested in joining the conversation on a specific show?


Chris Matts


@andycleff re 5 John has a cracker of a post at the moment that is RIPE for unpacking, called it out on twitter!