Podcast: Women in Agile


Yesterday we released our Women in Agile show hosted by @Leanleff and @Colleen. They spoke with Janice Linden-Reed, Becky Hartman and Lisa Crispin. Please share your thoughts with this episode here.


This is awesome and I would love to be part of this in the future. So sad I was unavailable this day. Check out www.womeninagile.com for more info.


Thanks @nataliewarnert. Will reach out and get some dates that might be good. also let me know what topics if any you have interest in covering.


The guests here said several times something that occurred to me as well… that we even need to spell out ‘Women in Agile’ or ‘Women in …’ anything. There’s no ‘Men in Agile’ category. Here’s to moving towards this becoming an unnecessary topic :slight_smile:

Having said that, the impressive experience and skills the guests have to offer were of great interest as well as their suggestions/thoughts for moving onward. Thank you!


Sounds great! I’m starting to strategize for the #WomenInAgile at Agile2017 in the next month. I would love to talk about ideas and do some crowdsourcing! December is pretty wide open for me to podcast!


This was a good listen: thanks for the open and reflective conversation.

But I need more info: this is the second time I’ve heard about the WomenInAgile slack channel, but I’m still not on it … as mentioned in the podcast, would someone please post how to get on it, and perhaps also put the info on the womeninagile homepage?

(FYI this Slack bottleneck has kept me off a number of groups… Usually I move on to something else if I don’t easily find the way in. Last time I asked about this I received no reply.)



This is the genesis of the Agile Uprising Coalition :slight_smile: Slack bottlenecks and closed communication channel. I am more than happy to offer up a “Women in Agile” channel on the coalition if @dpreuss and @nataliewarnert think there is an opportunity to more openly share :slight_smile:


@dpreuss I will see if I can find out the details for the slack channel for you.


I have been reading through several discussions on this coalition and find them very useful and thought provoking. Women in Agile is a great start to bring awareness on what is out there and how more women can be engaged on this journey. As Dwaraka said, we should move towards not having to call out “Women in Agile”. I’m working towards bringing thought leaders and inspiring women together not just in Agile but from all walks of life, to motivate more women to choose Agility.

@Natalie - I tried reaching out to you few times. Would love to work with you on the WomeninAgile session in Agile 2017


I’d certainly be interested in this too, if we can find the secret path. :wink:


Listen in to today’s podcast: