Podcast: Your meetings are dumb, or just the facilitator?


Join Troy Lightfoot, Andrew Leff, and Chris Murman as they ruminate on why we have so many meetings…and why they overwhelmingly add little to no value to our lives. They discuss why meetings go off the rails, tips to keep your meeting moving in the right direction, and how to avoid those headshaking disasters most of us encounter in corporate life…Seemingly every day!

Interestingly enough, the facilitator plays such a crucial role in these meetings. We discussed how we can see the facilitator can be part of the solution!

Seven Symptoms of Bad Meetings
The Facilitator’s Guide To Participatory Decision-Making

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I love the idea of leveraging TDD philosophy for meetings when this issue becomes rampant…

Enter meeting
Identify the criteria upon which the meeting can be considered accomplished
Only work towards that criteria
Close meeting when criteria is met
New criteria along way is carried for someone to own, consider, chase, schedule. (pragmatically applied)


I stand by my statement that anything after 15 minutes is a waste.


I like David Allen’s stuff on meetings. The focus on reason and next action is nice.