Product Management in 40 steps: What does a good product manager do every day?


What do you think makes a good Product Manager?


The line between Product Management and Product Ownership gets blurrier for me every day…

Is a matter of semantics? Scale?

Found this from a year back:


I think there are good insights in the Pragmatic Marketing Framework ( that can feed into some of the potential distinctions between Product Owner or Manager.

With the diversity activities the framework displays, some might fall under Prod Mgr while others under PO. Bringing us to the classic agilistic position of “it depends” for what a Product Manager does…


I remember this article. I shared the other as I am amazed how anybody is able to successfully do all the things at the PO and PM levels of product development. There are SO many balls to juggle. It seems that if you do any one thing well, something else suffers.

I was interested in opening up the dialog on how we support our PO/PMs. I’m also coming to the point where I feel the line between both becomes almost imperceptible. The task seems herculean, how do you balance it all? Does a single wring-able neck make sense?

Or does the shift need to go more the Modern Agile path and a democratisation of the PO role into the team, but with a PM to focus on the customers, market, product life-cycle etc.? The team becoming more responsible for looking at defining the how and the PM say here is the problem space and this is what we need to solve?