Retro: Seeing the System With the WADE Matrix


Came across this in the latest Age of Product email. This seems like a great retro. I’m keen to try it for my next retro. It looks very cool.


The good ole four quadrants…

So much goodness from exposing the things the team currently feels they can’t control… and then as servant leaders helping them “move the fence”…

Reducing the impediments to team based flow…


I really like the control, can’t control. I’ve found those discussions alone are worthwhile and meaningful. They can take a retro from complaints to giving a team permission to do something meaningful about their current situation.


This allows for a nice ‘circles and soup’ overlay and/or ‘force field analysis’. Sweet!


This is a nice variation on the usual themes. The element of control helps alleviate the stress and pressure that comes with meeting expectations. I am keen to use this method and build up a process. Who else has used it so far and is this something that you use repeatedly?