Ritual Dissent


Im a Dave Snowden fanboy, so apologies. This is a great idea.


this is brilliant! Thanks for share, @JayH

The requirement is for the spokesperson to have “a resilient and robust personality and not bear a grudge”.


Oh wow that is a good one. Thank you @JayH for share a wonderful read!


This is interesting, and I can see how it could flush out some great ideas and thinking quickly. I’ve got a question about implementing it. The article states

  • You need a task to focus on; the development of an idea, a plan , solution or proposal.
  • Small Groups (A, B, C etc) will work on their proposal.

My interpretation of this is that each team would be working on their version of the same proposal, idea, whatever.

I’m wondering how this might work for small teams that don’t have 9 or 12+ people on tap with the right mix of skills and knowledge to do it properly?

is it an option to one team working on an idea, and getting feedback from other teams which may not be working on their own version of a solution (it’s easier to call on 3 or 4 people for half an hour than for the duration of the entire process), or would this miss lots of the value you would gain from everyone being in the same space?

or, as an alternative, if the stars aligned, would getting each team to work on a different proposal/idea/whatever, and getting feedback from the other teams work, or would this too miss the point, and fail to generate the value of the original exercise?

I’m interested in your feedback, and thanks for taking the time to read this.


David Marquet has a cool method for facilitating dissent.

See: http://davidmarquet-com.3dcartstores.com/Dissent-Cards--It-is-important-to-create-environments-where-people-feel-it-is-safe-to-share-what-they-see_p_14.html

Use Dissent Cards whenever you need to create an environment for people to contribute, even if it means disagreeing with the group. We cannot necessarily see what others see. It is important to create environments where people feel it is safe to share what they see.

I plan to test them out soon…