Scaling Frameworks 101?


I was wondering if anyone has any resources to learn about scaling frameworks OTHER THAN SAFe… I’ve got that down pat, but am curious around the other frameworks and what the differences are. I feel like being married to the SAFe monster I may be missing out… Suggestions?


Start with the simplest thing that possibly work. Product Owner Standup - bunch a product owers get together and talk about up and comming sprints to potentially alert each other Depndancy and overlapping roadmaps.

Scrum of Scurms - pretty darn googleable.

Leadership standup - makes leaders aware of impediments outside the teams control. Usally scrum masters and leadership. Leadership is on the hook to fix and cycle time of the removal is tracked.

Quarterly rolling planning - I like to have a rolling plan here is were I want to go over the next 12 weeks work through about 3 sprints adjust the next 3 sprints have a 2 to 3 day break ( lab days, learning sessions, experimention) 2 To 3 days planning for the next 12 weeks

I have used these simple concepts for up to 15 teams


I’m using less but smalll number of teams. It works ok. How large are you going as that is going to affect the answer?


I’m sorry, I should’ve phrased the question better. I’m looking for suggestions on how to learn about the other frameworks (LeSS, DAD, NEXUS, etc.) without having to take a certification course. Books/podcasts/slideshares? And is there a comparo out there that contrasts these?

And if there isn’t a comparo…anybody want to partner with me to create one? :slight_smile:


I’m SAFe certified and took away a lot more from the training than I did from my personal bootstrapping (tho that prepared me well for the course). I’m not certified in the following but have dug into the online content.

Like SAFe, LeSS has an interactive ‘placemat’: Craig Larman’s book is really good, IMO

There’s Nexus, Ken Schwaber’s take on Scaled Scrum:

Sutherland’s Scrum-at-Scale takes the scrum-of-scrums & PO-stand-up approach, working upwards to executive management:

I’m only aware of but haven’t done much of a deep-dive into RAGE - Recipes for Agile Governance


@thostaylor - awesome, thanks for the links.

Can someone include a link for bootstrapping ourselves on SAFe?




Not free, but I found it was quite good. was a great site. I used it for our local implementation.

There appears to be certs for DaD, but just open courses not so much. I come from an educational background and was working on eLearning projects 17 years ago. I’d be game for putting something together.


You could invest time to learn about LeSS and stuff.

Or, you could take a few people with all skills needed to get software into production. Have them work with people who can reliably and easily agree on priority, plus explain the purpose and meaning of software.

Have these folks try to get something super valuable into production within a day or two. Or a week. Or whatever time frame feels super fast relative to the unique environment they’re working in.

In that experiment, document everything that held these people back from accomplishing the mission… From abilities, to processes, to people. Work tirelessly with them to experiment and adapt the system of work until these people can deliver. Call them a team, product folks and all.

Now try to do it with two teams. Work tirelessly to adapt and evolve everything about the system of work, including the organization until you can reliably deliver important software with two teams.

Now try three. There you go :slight_smile:


@JayHorsecow Craig Larman, the author of “More with LeSS: A Decade of Descaling with LeSS” that @thostaylor mentioned is teaching a free 3 hour large scale scrum course in the Philly suburbs on Nov 29 (5-8PM). I just signed up. There are still spaces.


Thanks! Free is always a good way to get a taste of something… (signed up too)


See ya there!


Unfortunately I cannot attend, I’ve got podcasts to record :slight_smile: . @kschlabach @andycleff if either one of you wants to write up an experiential report after the fact I’d love to post it to the blog!


Homework? Nobody said anything about homework…