Scrum Master Salary Report - PODCAST GUESTS WANTED!


Age of Product recently released the Scrum Master Salary Report for 2017 ( and I’d like to put together a podcast of between 2-3 guests to discuss it’s findings and your opinions on such. Ideally we’d also have some international flavor as well as a recruiter to see if these findings jibe (@MattRoe? :slight_smile: ) We can have up to 4 people on the episode so it’ll be first come/first served; please reply if you’re interested and we can set up a date/time!


I’d be game, but would give up the seat to a more qualified/experienced guest.


Hey, thanks a ton! It sounds awesome. I’ll be honest though - I’m pretty junior, as far as recruiters go. Not sure I’d be the best representative. If no other recruiters “stand up”, I’d be happy to be a part.

Let me know!


I really dislike the framing of this info-report. I won’t call it sinister, but the message doesn’t feel informational at all.


so you’re in?


Having done tons of interviews with a wide range of rates/salaries, I wouldn’t mind chiming in or being a guest to discuss. My opinions will be mostly biased to the Charlotte, NC area, but it might spark insights.


I 2nd Jon. Him and I have discussed at length about pay rates for scrum masters/agile coaches, especially in CLT market.


Wait, you mean scrum masters get paid to do their job? wtf! all this time i thought it was volunteerism…


Hi. Did such a podcast ever get recorded?


Sadly no. We’ll try and make it happen with this year’s version.