Scrum the American Football Super Bowl LII Winning Season


For fun I compared the Eagles Super Bowl season to Scrum and Agile Delivery :slight_smile:

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Go Eagles and Fun at your Scrum today.

Challenge Question
I have a challenge question for any organization developing code or saying they need to use a waterfall or very long term plan spanning years for successful software.

If a Football team in 17 weeks can deliver a working team to compete in the playoffs and hopefully win the Super Bowl.

Why can’t Software Product be delivered to the customer in 6 months or less?

The 17 weeks is just over 4 months of work with a month in pre-season and a month in the playoffs. I would also say that building a football team with all it plays and nuances is as complicated if not more complicated than building software. So why can’t Software Product be delivered in such a short manner. It is doable with the right attitude.

Just a Thought :slightly_smiling_face:


Interesting read; I like how you break out the different positions to have analogs in the agile world. I guess the “defense” in this case would be the corporate culture/bureaucracy/processes, either overtly or inadvertently trying to prevent change? And the key to success is figuring out how to outwit/outmatch/outmaneuver said culture?