Scrum User Group


I have created a user group with the help of Scrum Alliance last year and would like to collaborate with folks in the Philadelphia and suburbs. I wanted to see interest in meeting in and around the Radnor, Berwyn or Wilmington, DE area - pretty much covering the areas around the blue route 476, 202 etc.

This will be a group to collaborate and learn from each others experiences. I always found it challenging to drive into the city or other places and thought if there is enough interest, I will kick this off in February. I have a few folks who showed interest in joining the group.

Can you please answer the following questions so we can move this forward if there is enough interest?

  1. If you are passionate and interested.
  2. Interested in collaborating/volunteering to host the user group events.
  3. Area closest to Berwyn, Radnor, Conshohocken, Glen Mills, Wilmington DE that you will likely attend. Any other suggestions welcome.
  4. Finally, anyone who can provide free space for a couple of hours in the evening to host the event.


Raj Kasturi


I’m interested in attending/talking if a group forms in Radnor/Conshy, but I’m not currently in a position to help you sponsor/start a location at this time.