Seeking Buddy Scrum Team - Drupal a bonus!


I’ve been working with my current team(s) for about a year. From a mechanics perspective, we are doing well-- but I feel our energy and mindset transformation has become a bit stale. I had this crazy idea that perhaps hooking them up with another Scrum team for some (virtual) conversation might be helpful. My teams are all in Drupal, and they feel that poses specific challenges, so that would be an added benefit.

If you and/or your team might be interested in connecting to share lessons learned and/or seek solutions to challenges, DM me!


Hey! Sounds fun! We’re also a group that does a lot of work with Drupal. We’d be happy to connect!


That’s great! I’ll send you a DM.



I’m available to chat with you and your team if you have any specific need or just talking about Scrum.

My Skype id is metlucero

Kind Regards,



@BoggsyGirl03: I have been working with the same team for about 9 months now, and I feel like we are at the same place as you. Super solid mechanics. Generally strong “one team” feel. Hitting a sustainable pace, meeting Sprint commitments, and Velocity is improving very slightly. Good participation in all Agile ceremonies including Retrospective. But yet… There still seems to be something missing. For example, when a team member verbally expresses a challenge s/he is experiencing, other teammates don’t jump in to offer assistance.

I am not working with a team that uses Drupal, but would be interested in collaborating! Perhaps this is something that could even have legs within the community as a group Skype / conference call format. Each person gets 5 minutes to share background about their project, 5 minutes to talk about some of the challenges, and 20 minutes to hear feedback/exchange ideas with others in the community?

Is something like this already in the works @andybacon or @ryan?


This is something that I have loosly discussed with others at AU. I had to miss the board meeting this week, but I will better describe what I have been thinking and can report back. I love the idea personally


Hey Matthew, so sorry that I missed this message!

Email me at and let’s chat. I have another team lined up already, but I’d still be interested to hear what’s going on with you.


As an update since this is making rounds on Twitter… @seddings team and mine are getting together to chat next Friday! Excited to see what connections and learnings come from our LeanCoffee session. Will definitely be back to update!

None of us are an island-- reach out if you are stuck! :slight_smile: