Seven deadly sins of Agile


I saw this earlier. The seven deadly sins - social media style.

So what are the seven deadly sins of Agile? I’m curious…


I like this challenge! Let me bounce this around a bit…


Define the parameters a little bit more please. Are we talking in general or just applicable to the various channels of social media?


Depending on what you may read on people’s blogs, some seem to think it is the Manifesto itself! Then there’s Scrum, SAFe, etc. depending on others.


Lust - Kanban (everybody wants it, few deserve it, and those who get it usually find a way to make a mess)
Greed - SAFe (i want a role for everyone and all my processes and procedures already mapped out so I get everything involved with “the agile” all at once)
Sloth - Scrumterfall (we want the new thing but are too lazy to fully commit)
Envy - Agile Metrics (let’s compare team A to team B, see how much better they are!)
Pride - Burndown Charts (it looks so beautiful…let’s appreciate it’s beauty even though it’s disingenuous)

struggling with the last two…



Let’s give this a go.

Lust: “Did you see that iMac Pro the tester got, it’s not like he even does programming”
Greed: “Look, I’m the senior dev here. I’ll take all the kudos I can get. I made it happen, the juniors do what I tell them to.”
Sloth: “I’ll commit it when I’m done.”
Envy: "Google has a 3-star chef at their workplace, why can’t we?
Pride: “We have a velocity of 354, that team does only 52 story points a sprint”
Wrath: “You absolute morons! How could you make such a mistake”
Gluttony: “Oh that looks interesting, let’s drag it in. That’s cool, let’s do that too. Oh, and that!”


I was thinking in general. I’ve given it a go. What are the seven deadly sins as they relate to agile? OR are there 7 deadly sins in team.

Sloth for instance could be the sin of comparing one team’s velocity to another’s.


damn. @bradstokes blew mine out of the water…