Special podcast series...The 12 Days of Agile!


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“On the first day of Agile, my mentor gave to me…”

As a special holiday treat join the Agile Uprising crew as they unveil their 12 Days of Agile podcast series! Starting on December 1st we will be releasing one podcast every other day that highlights one of the 12 principles of agile. A rotating list of hosts will discuss said principle, it’s importance, and how to best utilize this teaching in our agile practices Be sure to tune in and let us know what you think!


I posted this to my LI feed. I hope it helps!


ICYMI…the 12 Days of Agile went live on Friday! Let us know your thoughts after listening…it was a HUGE project to coordinate all this, hoping that everyone enjoys it!


Definitely enjoying. I’m loving the musical intros.


Enjoyed the first two podcasts in this series. @Scrummando I really like your idea of using the term forecast instead of commitment. I think it makes a lot of sense and I plan on using it myself in the near future. Great job by all!


Produce Value Early


Welcome Change


Iterative Delivery


Daily Business Collaboration


Trust a Motivated Team


Face to Face


We’re halfway thru the series, and we hope everyone is enjoying. We would like to schedule a retrospective episode when this is all said and done to discuss everyone’s reactions…where did you agree with our thoughts? Where did you disagree? What did we get right/wrong? If you’re interested please let us know, we’d like to include coalition members (as we’re sick of talking to one another :grinning: )!


Count me in


I’m really enjoying these – I do think the ‘Welcoming Change’ missed the mark a bit in not discussing “resilience” as a part of welcoming change. Lois Kelly tells me she is coming back in Jan to talk resilience so that will be great! I heard a lot of "can’t, shouldn’t, don’t’ in this episode. I think one of the areas that we can benefit from is being attentive to the words we use that support change.

There were a couple of conversations in this that I found challenging eg avoid using the word commitment as it is scary. Welcoming change means we sometimes do have to face into things that feel uncomfortable. There is a significant difference between commitment (skin in the game) and forecasting (intellectual activity) and in avoiding the former, you may not find the forecasting as effective.

It’s a sign of a good episode when you’re talking back to the panel while you’re driving :wink:


Shall we organize a call in show?

“On line two, we have Jen from Down Under… we’re listening…”




if we can make the time zones work! Sounds fun!!


It works. 5pm their time = 8am ours :smile:

I’m actually in the states for 3 weeks starting at Christmas so not such an issue for me.