Starting without a plan


Whilst starting without a plan sounds like an interesting inception, I found this quite a decent read.

This is an excerpt and not the article. The article is much more than this and well worth the read

Using Radical Transparency as a clear focus area helped the conversation. Then we used a pretty standard facilitation method using colored post-it notes (Rose for good, Bud for opportunity, Thorn for bad) to explore current practice and issues.

After clustering the post-it notes, we named the clusters and spent some time re-framing them into ‘How might we?’ statements. This created positive and future- facing challenge statements. Voting on the statements (3 sticky dots per person) resulted in 2 clear priorities:

How might we create a fair and transparent pay and review system?
How might we develop a culture of feedback and reflective practice?
These goals are so compatible it reinforced a sense of serendipity and the power of listening to one another as a group. The next step is to expand these goals and identify the outcomes we need to achieve them – in other words, create driver diagrams.

I think this concept would actually be quite useful for a retro. Thoughts on the article? What do you take away from it?