Stopping the Enterprise Death Spiral with Mob Programming


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Stopping the Enterprise Death Spiral with Mob Programming In 1963 Dr. De Solla Price developed “Price’s Law.” Price’s law describes unequal distribution of productivity in most domains of creativity. The original target of this study was the scientific community and the contributors to it’s advancement. Dr. Price discovered that half of all scientific contributions were made by the square…


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Whenever we publish a blog post there is a linked coalition thread that’s created automatically. Ideally the coalition thread would include the true author and you’d be disallowed from posting comments on the blog post itself, only on the coalition thread. If only I knew how to write code…


I thought you knew how to write code, it was getting it to production that was your bottleneck @JayHorsecow

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I still have an open offer to fix the link icon in the editor.
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