Suggestions for Assessing a Coach's Performance


I recently took over a newly-established Agile CoE and have a mixed bag of coaches. Some are FTEs, others are contractors. I am looking at the best way to evaluate the coaches’ performance because I cannot use the teams’ maturity and progress.

Here is the rub - the organization is relatively new to Agile, so we have the usual challenges - teams are still being established for projects then disbanded, people (ie, Product Owners and Scrum Masters) were placed in those roles by their management teams with little to no guidance, so overall there are a number of challeneges out of the coaches direct influence that are impacting the teams’ maturity and growth.

The coaches are primarily working with the teams, I do not have coaches that really coach at the leadership/executive level…also part of my challenge.

Any ideas, recommendations would be greatly appreciated.



Simple NPS survey?

How likely is it that you would recommend [this agile coach] to a friend or colleague?


I agree with Andy… A simple NPS/eNPS might help. But, coaching from the top is an absolute must have. I have found that teams really do want to be self-organized. It’s always about the managers. I would start small… a pilot team. Don’t just get buy in from managers. Make sure that they are ACTIVELY part of the transformation because they need to transform as well. One thing I have done in the past if a book study 2x a week over lunch with managers… Mike Cohn’s book “Succeeding with Agile” is an excellent primer for discussion. It’s worked for me in the past.