TDD/ATDD/BDD reading?


My org is looking to start going down the path to the above, and I was wondering if the group has any suggestions vis a vis reading/websites/blog posts that serve as references/learning points? I’ve got a bunch but wanted to know if anyone has better suggestions…

And yes, I’ve already suggested David Bernstein’s Beyond Legacy Code :slight_smile:


BDD (Behavior Driven Development)

Uncle Bob’s Videos

HDD (Hypothesis Driven Design)

Uncle Bob has a ton of stuff on TDD


@JayHorsecow Got a story for you. All developers here where i’m working have had TDD training officially. NONE of the developers on the teams i’m coaching actually do it. So I showed Uncle bob’s first two TDD videos and I had devs tell me this was the best they’ve seen and they want to try it. There is one episode where he spends an hour making a case why it’s essential for any any development and shows all the benefits. The second episode is an awesome demonstration. We had some good discussions after i’m curious to see how the team implements it.

Here are the episodes:


IMO without solid fundamentals in TDD, ATDD and BDD are not as effective as TDD is the thing you do to make the acceptance and behavior tests pass.


That was my advice exactly… Without the engineering teams doing TDD the rest is sortof silly.

I did learn of another group in our company that uses a Cucumber/Gherkin combo to do ATDD by writing their ACs in Rally using given/when/then. To quote Paris Hilton: that’s hot.

#6 Is also good for this. Created by Uncle Bob using TDD !


^ Yes. HOT. I got that same system going. Product Owners loved it, as well as the Dev-Team.

VP hated it. “What am I going to do with all of off-shore manual testers I’ve hired?!”


El Oh El


The Specification By Example book from Gojko Adzic is also a good resource.


Thanks for this suggestion, it sounds really good. Picking this up after I finish my current read.