The Agile Facilitator


There was a request this week to create a thread for ongoing communication after the agile facilitator class I attended in Washington DC. I will post pics and update this thread for things I’m im planning as well as general discussion




This course is fantabulous. Created by Lyssa Adkins, and available in many places across the globe

  • The Agile Facilitator: Catalyzing Collaboration, Delivering Results
  • Coaching Agile Teams: The Mindset and Skills of Great Agile Coaching

Take them both in a five day intensive:

Or a la carte:

Seriously transformational stuff


Really enjoyed The Agile Facilitator. With both of the Agile Coaching Institute courses, I felt like I walked away with superhero powers, that my success in my work could be better insured by approaching things in a practical way with a tested methodology.

I’m actually hoping to continue the journey on the Enterprise level with the ICAgile courses that have been developed by ACI-connected instructors/coaches like this one: Agile Transformational Leader which as far as I can tell, is based on the Integral Agile Framework that Michaels Hamman and Spayd developed and which has been taught in the ACI Coaching class.


Hey Dave I’m interested in that as well maybe we can figure out the best approach for the expert cert together


Yup, absolutely (and anyone else who’s interested.) Are you specifically talking about the Expert Cert in Agile Coaching or the Enterprise track on ICAgile’s roadmap?

I want to do both.




Thank you for setting this up, I’m glad I found it! This is a great site, thank you for mentioning it in class.


I’ll write more once the course is over but just went through the first day of the ICP-ENT course (Agility in the Enterprise) which kind of picks up where ACI left off. It’s being given by Michael Sprayd, co-founder of ACI. Great and very interesting class so far.


Spayd is wonderful. Is he covering integral theory?


I’d like to hear more, looking forward to your update on the class!