Tracking PI Objectives in a tool?


For those of you/us doing SAFe…how do you track your PI objectives to completion? Particularly in a tool (Rally/AgileCentral, VersionOne, etc.). We have multiple enabler teams and ARTs all running and I’m looking for a programmatic way to get a temperature check about where we stand, basically on demand (not status, but yes status :slight_smile: ). Ideas?


We are doing a test of Jira Portfolio (add-on built by Atlassian)… still learning, but you might want to review that.

(we are just starting to dabble with SAFe patterns here, so I’m a newb)


thanks, I’ll take a gander. We’re bought into Rally/Agile Central space but thematically it’s the same thing.


Ok this is sort of a plug but I just had to respond (I work for CA…or soon to be Broadcom). If your going to Agile 2018 check out the CA booth for the latest work being done by the CA Agile Central team. It’s focused around objectives. Nothing prime time yet however but I know the teams working it would love feedback from awesome folks like yourselves.


^ My experience w Portfolio:

  • Works at scale
  • Does a decent temperate check based on “yesterday’s weather” - provided you have at least a PI’s worth of history across all ART/value streams.
  • Adequate visualization of demand vs capacity
  • Good tools for doing “What if” scenarios
  • Steep learning curve for admins
  • UI / configs still really rough to get a handle on; having a dedicated Jira Portfolio Admin helpful
  • Ability to share info outside of JIRA (export PNGs for the dreaded PPT) is very limited


And here I was starting to think I was just stupid!!! (I’m one of two being asked to set this up)


Def not just you. Not intuitive at all. Configs all over the place. All of them matter. Generally frustrating at beginning. I found it useful to RTFM. still have to look stuff up all the time.


I read the ENTIRE online doc/manual from Atlassian and it didn’t go deep enough (it seemed more high level sales support than detailed for admin config). If you are aware of anything I should be looking at besides YouTube videos by 3rd parties, let me know!


I mean…should I be laughing like I am or nah? :smiley:


Hey, some of us do RTFM !!!


Also… it wasn’t that deep of a manual.


Part of the problem!!!