Vacanti on Cost of Delay


Interesting reading.

“***Note: this is a very early, unedited version of this article.” by Daniel Vacanti


I’m working through his book now and this aligns to everything else from him that’s been blowing my mind. I’m trying very hard to rewire to “full systems thinking” and get away from “dev factory velocity”… easier for me than trying to convince those around me, but the struggle is real on both fronts.

Great article, thanks for sharing!!!


Are you talking about his new one? I haven’t started it yet, and i’m honestly a bit apprehensive…AAM is one of the best books I’ve ever read, but I took so many notes/made so many highlights that my kindle is slow to the point of almost unusable :smiley:


No… I’m talking about AAM (finally getting to it)

(scuttling off to see what his new one is…)


That book is in my top 3. I keep going back to it to reread.