Wardley Mapping


Hi folks! I had the privilege of being interviewed by Jay for the November 10 episode (had a blast, btw), and I promised him I’d pop into the forums in case anyone is curious about Wardley Mapping — what it is, how it can help, how to get started, etc.

Here’s an example map from a non-profit hackathon, where we built an MVP app to support an art crawl experience. We can chat about how to read this map, why it helped, how to make your own, or whatever would be most useful to you!

You can also find out more information at LearnWardleyMapping.com, if you’d rather read up on it first. Either way, I’m here to help in any way I can. :grinning:


Thank you for sharing @ben. This looks interesting and I hope I have some time in the near future to explore this further.


You got it, Todd! Ping me anytime for tips on getting started. I know where all the links are buried. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Ben, I am in the early stages of exploring the feasibility of insourcing end user support of a multi-vendor, global systems landscape. Currently the support model is outsourced to a third party provider with limited success, as End Users are complaining about too many help desk, too long turn arounds and inconsistent/low quality responses. I am wondering if Wardley Mapping could help me make the various Touchpoints visible to senior management to demonstrate the current convoluted support landscape, which has the potential to be simplified by insourcing. Any thoughts?


@ben :point_up_2:


Hi @Karina_Gerdes!

If the goal is to make the touchpoints more visible, then you might be best served by a value stream map (VSM) or a service blueprint. If, however, the goal is to evaluate the suitability of a set of components for insourcing vs outsourcing, then Wardley Mapping is a fantastic tool for it.

I made you a quick video to walk through how to make decisions about insourcing/outsourcing with Wardley Mapping below:

Hope this helps, and please reach out if I can help fill in any blanks on these ideas! :smiley:


@ben thought you might enjoy… i think this is pretty good example of Wardley mapping use…


That’s also a pretty awesome set of slides/content!


Nice! Philippe is doing such good work! Thanks for sharing!