Webinar: Braving Trust (online), June 1st 2017, 19:00 CEST


Personal association: I am hosting this event.

Vulnerability is the birthplace of creativity, innovation and change.

  • Brené Brown

Without people willing to be vulnerable, there will be no creativity, innovation or change. Without trust there will be no vulnerability.

Brené Brown coined BRAVING as the acronym that describes the anatomy of trust. In the Braving Trust webinar I will show how you can use this to talk about trust, to grow your self-trust (not the same as self-confidence) and allow trust to grow in a team.

Participation is free. You can register at: http://bravingtrust.com/webinar


Registered :slight_smile:


Welcome Ryan!



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I have a conflict. Will the webinar be recorded?


Hi Paul
Unless the tech fails, yes.
The recording will only be made available to people who registered.
So, if you are interested, but can’t make it at the scheduled time, just register and wait for the email about the recording.


Will do


This looked like a great webinar! I’m bummed I missed it. Anyway someone who didn’t register can get access to the recording?


Thanks. If you send me your email address (to marjan@marjanvenema.com), I’ll pretend you registered and send you a link. You’ll have to watch the replay before Thursday midnight (CEST) though, because after that the replay will be removed as I will do the webinar again and of course … better :smiley: