Welcome to the Coalition! Introduce yourself :-)


Hello there everyone! I’m Martin, I’m an agile delivery and transformation guy here in London! Very pleased to join this network, I spotted a reference to the Coalition on my LinkedIn feed and thought I’d get involved. Looking forward to contributing and learning more about what the Coalition stands for and how I can engage with it.

Oh yes, and if I need a persona I guess I’m a strange hybrid of Fred and Charlotte :wink:


Welcome !

Explore. Post. Share.


Attended OnAgile 2017 the other week in order to pull new information into my company around product discovery. Holy Crap I immediately became excited by this group when I heard about it and dug further!

You see, I learned about agile in 2005 in one of the largest Scrum/XP implementations to date. Got my CSM, interacted with people who signed the manifesto, mentored by their immediate disciples, and charged off into the great future.

After a few years of global agile conferences, nights drinking with some great folks at those conferences, and eventually presenting once myself… I started to fade on the movement. Around 2010-2012, I felt like the conferences were on a rinse/repeat cycle and all the focus was on keeping new companies from declaring agile because they really weren’t. Certifications were running rampant… InfoQ (my original community) had grown too big to keep up with, my blog started to stagnate… I focused on my employer from that point on.

Here I sit, working on my 5th agile transformation, currently as an agile coach… and I see I’ve missed the rising of a great community! (How did I not know about the “Heart of Agile” con in my hometown last year!!!) The conversations seem to range from newb to bleeding edge, and this excites me!

So… I’m going to make an effort to spend a little time engaging here and seeing if I can learn AND share. Thanks for having me!


From one of the newbs, welcome! I’ve read your other posts and I’ll answer by saying, I know what you means. I remember when I first posted, I felt like I was home. This is a great place with interesting and diverse voices. I look forward to chatting.


@kschlabach Kevin - great that you stumbled across our campground here. It’s definitely a work in progress. We invite you to participate in many ways…


@andycleff- Thanks for the warm welcome! My first step is to spend a pile of time catching up on the podcast and engaging here as best as I can. Once I feel comfortable, I’ll reconsider the blog/podcast contribution.

If anyone is aware of Philadelphia area events though, I seem to be out of the loop. I’d love to know about those.



Funny you should mention that… our origin story has Philly as the location… that and a bar.

Join us next week for a night of agile discussion?

Tue, November 14, 2017
6:30 PM – 9:30 PM EST


It looks like I can break free of the wife/kids for the evening… adding it to my calendar and will definitely try to be there!


Hi All. This is Nirmaljeet. I have been in the agile space since 2007 and enjoyed every bit of it working at multiple levels with many large organizations. Have been doing a lot of travel, writing blogs and speaking at some conferences as well. I am someone who gets pulled into anything around agile and product management. I am based in Dallas, TX.

Looking forward to a lot of awesomeness with some great minds at Agile Uprising.


Dallas you say…

We have a verification test for them who say they are from Dallas :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you ever eaten here:



Good morning/afternoon/evening all I’m Jonathan, playing a scrum master during an agile transition in Utah. I have spent quite a bit of time after starting this role reading, listening to podcasts, and trying to understand the space. I’m really excited to be here to learn, create, and grow with everyone here!


I would love to quote Yoda at this point

Do or do not, there is no try

I’d say if you are trying to fulfill the role, you are doing and not playing. It is a challenging role.

I am also early in my journey. You have come to a great place to get support. I’ve asked all sorts of odd questions here starting with, “How do I…?”, “What happens when…?” and “Where can I find…?” They have been answered by people with depth of experience and genuine understanding.

If you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask. There are literally books worth of information buried in these forums and people who give with a generosity of heart that humbles me.

Welcome to the coalition!


That looks like death on a tray. lol


or what Texans call “a typical Tuesday lunch”


Hi, Andy! I kept hearing about it over time but most recently it was at Agile DC… one of the presenters there was Colleen Johnson, and she mentioned it … and I thought wow, I really do need to look into this for real so here I am! So glad I finally did. :slight_smile:


Hey, AU CFO, send @Colleen her commission ($0.10) for a new member w attribution!!!

Great to have you here, @rachel_g - explore, post, rant, rave. All’s good!


$0.10, nah… Give @Colleen a raise. You guys still have pennies. Nothing less than $0.11. And welcome @Rachel_G


Did Oz get rid of pennies, like the swiss?


1 and 2 cent coins about 25 years ago. The discussion atm is to get rid of 5c coins as well. It makes sense. When pennies with epoxy is cheaper flooring than wood or tiles, something is amiss.


Hi folks, I’m Donald from Edinburgh, currently looking after a team of business analysts, some of whom are neck deep in scrum teams and others whose projects have them firmly near the top of the waterfall.

I’m really enjoying the podcast series (especially the manifesto author series and the “Undercover Agile” episode), though I started feeling a bit guilty listening to the 1-Year Anniversary episode when the lack of activity on the Agile Uprising site was mentioned as a disappointment - oops, now attempting to be more active in the community!