Welcome to the Coalition! Introduce yourself :-)


Thank you so much for the kind words. One of the reasons I love doing the podcast with other members is it feels like conferences. Me and my friends sitting around enjoying the company and talking about our challenges with work. Glad you found some use with the convo, anything you would have added to the podcast?


@pascal8888 to “yes and” @chrismurman - are there podcast topics you’d like to hear about? join a podcast about? guest blog about? All are possibilities…


Hi there -

My name is Matt Roe. I’m new here. Andy Cleff suggested I join the community! I’m a recruiter at a company called Open Systems Technologies. We work with quite a few financial firms and healthcare companies. Any times that I find opportunities focused in Agile/Scrum/Kanban, I jump on those reqs because I love working on them! The agile community is so interesting to talk to.

About me: I’m a little over a year into recruiting and I’m passionate about what I do. I love talking with professionals and it’s incredible that I get to help people find their next assignment. I’m married, a dog lover (German Shepherds are the best), and I’m fascinated by IT/Healthcare.

Let me know if you’d ever like to connect! I love expanding my network and getting to know people.
(980) 265-0147


@MattRoe Welcome! Great to have you here.

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Greeting! I’m Erkka and I come from the small European country of Finland. I actually ended up here through Twitter after starting to follow @Ryan_Lockard and @andybacon due to the Uprising podcasts.

I have a history of roughly 13 years in software development and solutioning what started with web design but a large part of this time I have worked with (please do not hold this against me) SAP. Agile has been a focus point of mine for the past soon now 3 years and it started for me from the point of view that there has to be a better way to do things also in large ERP projects and basically after that I have been the guy who debates against the “this is how we have always don this”.

Now days i am fast moving more and more away from traditional ERP and working more and more on custom solutions what focus on usability and mobility.


Sounds like interesting work. Welcome to the coalition.


Greetings Erkka! I’m currently working on a massive ERP project myself using agile and SAFe, so I’m really looking forward to sharing both horror stories and successes. Welcome!


Hi Jay. The I would expect that you have your hands full. Looking forward in hearing how it goes. SAP has waterfall rooted really deep in many of the practitioners head.

I don’t know if I have that much success stories to share, but some stories as well


Howdy Gang, I’m John in Atlanta, I provide Agile Coaching and Training, so for the persona’s, I’d be a cross between Terry and Charlotte. So I guess that would make me either Terlote, or Charrey.

I’ve been doing Coaching and Training for the past 8-9 years and have been working as an independent consultant. Currently I’m between gigs and looking for new opportunities as well as wanting to expand my network. I’m open to travel and have really been to some interesting places and met some great people.


@Paul_Elia - a fellow atlantian!


Hi there! I’m Adam - a Product Owner for CA Agile Central (Rally) focused on enabling better ways of working that provide more valuable outcomes and more sustainability for the people doing the work. I’ve tries on many hats - Product Owner, ScrumMaster, and Developer - and enjoy learning and sharing with others. I currently works to accelerate teams on Agile Central’s release train with continuous delivery tools that empower them to easily and rapidly develop / build / test / deploy / operate / validate their work.

Looking forward to good conversations, learning, and sharing.


Great to have you onboard @zoltron3000

We’ve got a topic open: https://coalition.agileuprising.com/c/processes-and-tools/ca-agile-central-rally

Not much activity… maybe you’d like to spark some conversation? lively debate?


Hey everyone! I’m John and love that there is such a great community to talk all things Agile. I work for Fearless Solutions where I have two main jobs. 1.) Helping different project teams deliver Agile software solutions 2.) Helping our company embed Agile principles into our culture and processes. Excited to be apart of this community and looking forward to conversations and debates!


Welcome to the coalition. I look forward to chatting with you.


Jfoster welcome!

A new person around our campfire always makes me smile.


Hi i’m Popi and an agile evangelist. I love coaching new teams and leaders. I’m a Lego serious play facilitator and believe that play in the workplace can uncover and address many dysfunctions


Hey there, I’m Gerald and am a scrum master / developer promoting agile throughout my organisation… which is not always easy! I’m flying the Aussie flag although am currently based in Basel, Switzerland :smiley: :snowboarder:


It is rarely easy, but definitely worthwhile. Welcome to the coalition.


Hi, it’s great to be here. I’m a scrum master with Ippon US, and I practice kanban in my personal life and have introduced a lot of people to it, which has been very rewarding! :slight_smile: I’m starting to get opportunities to do more coaching beyond the team level and am finding the need to go beyond my current network to sharpen and expand my skills. Heard about Agile Uprising and thought, that sounds awesome.


How did you hear about this place? ( wanna know if we owe somebody in particular their commission ;p)

Joking aside, great to have you here. And nice to see you posting in the retro topic on day one!