Welcome to the Coalition! Introduce yourself :-)


Happy to help or read over what you have. Just let me know. You can email me at chrisdmurman@gmail.com.


Enjoyed the gangs podcast on imposter syndrome.


Thanks Paul…lots of women I admire and respect!


Hi from sunny South Africa, after testing for 11 years of which the last 2 years was in Scrum environment. I was asked if I want to try being a scrum master, 6 months later I attended my CSM certification class in 2015 and never looked back.
Fellow colleagues shared the link to your podcast and articles and I started listening to the podcast and I gained insight into others way of thinking and reaffirmed why I’m an Agile change agent and not a scrum master.
For me my focus was all about the team delivering the product if they are empowered they are highly motivated and a highly motivated team will accomplish anything on their path but I hope to broaden my experience to influence the organization as a whole and not only team.


@Tinus_Kruger Welcome! You have a wonderful approach and outlook to the potential that an agile mindset brings to a team and an organization.

On behalf of all of us here - we hope you find great value in our community.


This is so cool. I’m glad I found you! I listened to the RAG podcast after I found the link in my LI feed. It’s like Chris, Jay, and Andy were flies on the wall at many a Monday morning come to Jesus meetings at every company I’ve worked with. I only just joined 10 minutes ago and this place already feels like home.

I’ve been in IT for a little over 15 years. I started in the SE world and then moved into PM. As companies I worked with transformed to agile I took on the role of SM, although many of them still expected PM responsibilities. I’ve had the pleasure also of working in more mature agile organizations and really appreciated the difference. At this point I consider myself an agilist and evangelize when I get the chance. I’m considering a role at a company at the moment that is fairly mature in scrum"like" (their description) framework. I look forward to meeting all of you and learning and participating in the discussions. Looking to get my Editor badge.


@pascal8888, I know the feeling.

Welcome to the coalition. I’ve found the people here warm, thoughtful and honest in their opinions. These boards have been a great way to get ideas out of my own skull and tested with others in safety.

Welcome again.


Welcome around the campfire, @pascal8888

Room and marshmallows enough for everyone who shows up!

Please provide your feedback, as you have it, via this scatterspoke board:



Agile is the best thing to happen to IT. It’s defining principles will guide us through the times to come. I have had the blessing of being part of a number of Agile project and have led them as a Senior Business Analyst, Product Manager, Account Manager and am proud of the results. I have worked in onsite-offshore Agile models in US, UK and in India.

I am here to learn from the global leaders in Agile.



Dear All:
We are in the process of recruiting session speakers for the Agile Lean Summit at the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Harrisburg, PA. The Agile Lean Summit is a full-day event on Tuesday March 6, 2018, hosted by the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, with an expected audience of about 200 in Harrisburg, PA. The summit tracks are: Agile Lean Project and Teams, Agile Lean Transformations, and Agile Lean in Government, with three sessions in each track.
Our theme this year is Leadership Agile Transformations. Our goal is to bring together bright minds to give talks that are idea-focused, and on the Agile Lean subject, to foster learning, inspiration and wonder – and provoke conversations that matter. Here is a link that points to our 2018 Agile Lean Summit landing page; http://agilesummit.harrisburgu.edu/with links to previous summits.
We are currently accepting requests to speak at one of the sessions, therefore if you are interested and available, please go to the following link and fill out the form to submit your presentation proposal. https://huagileleansummit.wufoo.com/forms/agile-lean-summit-2018-presentation-proposal/

Dr. Joe Malak, DBA, MBA, MSME
Corporate Faculty, Project Management
Agile Lean Center, Harrisburg University
326 Market Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101
(203) 430-4127


So happy to see all the new faces and kind words. You all are building out this community and we want your feedback. Let us know how to improve he Agile Uprising and how we can continue to grow!


Add your thoughts here: https://www.scatterspoke.com/Agile%20Uprising/retrospective/Hyw0ODrtZ


I’m really excited to be a part of AGILE Uprising!
I believe this is the way to live both our personal and professional lives allowing us to embrace change or Transformation via action and pro-active learning instead of going on defensive mode with years of planning that allows no room for adapting. I joined the coalition to share and discuss ideas and learn from others in this awesome Agile community! Thank you for creating the space to DO so.


Welcome @Sathya_Janga !

Would you care to Wave your flag - let the community know where you are geo-located?

Explore the categories/topics, and has you think of ways to improve how we share, discuss, learn, please add to our open retro board: https://www.scatterspoke.com/Agile%20Uprising/retrospective/Hyw0ODrtZ1


Welcome to the coalition. This place is great for trying out ideas and rubbing up against people of character and insight. I’m glad you found us.



My name is Scott and I’m here thanks to @EllenAfromsky who I met on Twitter. She had “Member of AgileUprising” in her profile and I thought that sounded really interesting, so here I am. My background is in education (elementary music teacher and professional development enthusiast) and more recently sales and I like taking every opportunity to learn something new.

I have no idea what agile means nor scrum (for that matter) but I’m excited to learn. Thank you to everyone who will help me on my journey. I look forward to the opportunity to learn with all of you.


Welcome. This is certainly a great place to bounce ideas and learn from some crazy smart people.I love that the AgileUprising Coalition exists and we get to talk to people who want to do the best they can in a way that works. The podcasts are great as well.

There are great ideas everywhere. If it helps I use Kanban for managing my 16 yo and it works a treat. Glad to be on the journey with you.


Hi. I am Jochen. I have now 2.5 years experience as a Product Owner in a tools development team which is taking care of build process for SW in automotive. We make sure that SW can be build with the necessary qualities and the right compiler and linker settings.
I am now starting to transfer into getting an agile team coach with a broader view on agile instead of only practising Scrum.
I am curious about the community and how I can gain knowledge and probably also share my experience with others.
Thanks for having me here,


@Learning2BAgile and @jochen.widmaier Welcome aboard! You both have interesting backgrounds, looking forward to having some good conversations!


Some days the emphasis shifts … Welcome to the campfire @Learning2BAgile and @jochen.widmaier