Welcome to the Coalition! Introduce yourself :-)


Hello everyone, glad to discover this awesome community and to already see a few familiar faces! My name is Dana Pylayeva. I am an Agile Coach at HBC Digital as well as an active member of large agile community - speaking at conferences, volunteering, co-organizing NYC Scrum User Group. If you are in NYC on 3rd Thursday of the month - you are all invited!!
I am one of the co-chairs for Project, Program and Portfolio management track at Agile2017.(Our call for proposal is open at the moment. Submit yours - we offer help with crafting it.)
As hectic as a conference organizing could be, being a part of dynamic teams of people who volunteer their time to make it work is truly an amazing experience! Intrinsic motivation is contagious :slight_smile:
For me it started with a huge experiment of founding Big Apple Scrum Day(BASD) in 2015. Most of us had full time jobs and were complete newbies in conference planning. Beginners luck turned out to be real!
Next came the planning of BASD2016 and Play4Agile North America 2016.
This year - another big experiment: a back-to-back extravaganza in NYC: Agile Coach Camp US (ACCUS2017), followed by Big Apple Scrum Day 2017.

Yes, everyone is invited!


@Dana_Pylayeva Great to see you here!

For any east cost US peeps, if you haven’t been to a Big Apple Scrum Day, get yourself to one soon. http://www.bigapplescrumday.org/ They are awesome!

If you are interested in being a speaker, deadline for submissions is Feb 14. Here’s a link: https://www.papercall.io/basd2017

And here’s a link to submit a proposal for Agile2017:
Feb 6 is the deadline for session proposals.


I am the Founding Director of the Agile Lean Center at Harrisburg University of Science and Technology and an Agile Evangelist in the academic world. Our University is one of the first Universities we believe that requires a 3 credit hour Agile Scrum class in order to receive an MS in Project Management. We also have just introduced an Agile Lean Concentration as a part of the MS in Project Management. We are looking for speakers - Track and Keynote for our Agile Lean Summit on May 1. I look forward to this group! I am a big fan of Ryan Lockard and a few others I know in the Coalition.


Welcome aboard Tom! We should post about the Harrisburg Agile Summit!! Ill get that up tomorrow.


Welcome aboard @tsheives


Hi, I’m Warren. I’ve worked as a Developer, Scrum Master, Agile Coach and Release Train Engineer. Been involved with Scrum and Agile since 2006. I love guiding teams through the Scrum process and helping them to be the best that they can.

I recently came across this site / group and have enjoyed reading all the past posts and discussions and look forward to contributing in the future.


Welcome aboard Warren!


Welcome to all our latest arrivals. I’m wondering if we’ve got your personas covered here: Who is the Agile Uprising Coalition for?


Glad you are here Warren. Tell us about the latter of your roles? I must admit I smiled when I read the title “release train engineer” for the obvious pun (not the role itself). :slight_smile:

Manifesto Birthday!

Howdy! I’ve been listening to the podcast for a while, and just started diving into the Coalition forums. Very happy to meet a few of you in person at Heart of Agile in Pittsburgh a few weeks back. Currently working as Principal Dev Coach at Guidewire Software near San Francisco. Got involved in the XP community in 2001 or so. Definitely an engineer at heart, undergrad was in comp sci, but I’ve pushed myself through grad work in psychology and education later in my career. Just suggested a persona called “Ollie the Old Timer”. :slight_smile: You can find some oldish blog posts of mine at Agile Focus. Thanks for getting this Uprising started!


We are so glad you are here!

Already enjoying your conributions. :slight_smile:


Hi, I am Vander Silva, from Brazil. Currently, I am a Product Owner at Petrobras, a state-run oil company. Recently I discovered Agile Uprising Podcast and decided to join this community.
I have used Agile and Scrum since 2011 with huge success in my company for our in-house developments, and now I am trying to use Scrum as a Product Owner for new projects developed by a contractor. In this situation, I do not have any visibility of how the contractor work, but I have my product backlog and long sprints, 28 days.
I want to share my experiences and learn more about Agile methodologies, so many new things are happening now, and I believe this community will help me a lot.


One thing that I truly enjoy about this community is the global span. We share the State of the Coalition reports monthly, and seeing our group spread so internationally makes this larger effort seem like it is resonating! Welcome aboard, @Vander_Silva. Be sure to tell others in Brazil about us and the podcast :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m Brian Button. I’ve been in the agile world since the end of 1999/start of 2000, with Object Mentor originally. Since then I’ve been in just about every role possible in the agile world, today when I’m leading the agile transformation for one of the Fortune 50 in the US.

I’ve been very active in the community, starting with being one of the track chairs for XP Universe in 2001, track chair and program chair for Agile20xx, conference chair of Agile2016, and conference chair for Agile Alliance Tech Conference 2017. I was one of the original founders of XPSTL, the first XP user group in St. Louis, frequent speaker and trainer around town, have written an article or two, used to blog a lot, and speak at the occasional conference.

While I live across the entire agile spectrum, my first love is definitely developing. I love writing code, exploring TDD, and teaching TDD to others.

Now I spend most of my time guiding a very large agile transformation in the health care world, and loving every minute of it!



Hello Coalition! Glad to be joining this community. I saw a few other respected local Dallas folks have been active here and wanted to check it out. I currently serve as the director of Agile Project Management at VIZIENT, Inc. I’ve been working in software for 13 years and after a false start or 2, finally became one with Agile around 4 years ago. I look forward to sharing experiences with other members. I also have a blog where I share my thoughts (www.scrummasterblaster.com). Thanks!


Your name looks familiar Brian. Must have crossed paths with you somewhere along the way. Glad you came to hang out, look forward to your contribution!


From one Dallasite to another @PaulValitutto welcome. Have we met at one of the meetups before?


Thanks Chris. I have seen you at dfwscrum. More at the old Addison location. I presented a couple of times at the new plano location.


I don’t get to go much since they moved. Travel more for work now. That’s awesome you’ve gotten to present, have you submitted them to conferences?


They were shorter lightning talks, but I am interested in presenting at Agile camp 2017. Trying to settle on a topic.